Mies. UK (Part of Mies. TV) is a student run video and podcast series that aims to showcase the behind the scenes of the architectual world in the UK. We conduct honest and uninhibited interviews with architects and those outside of this role such as designers, planners, urbanists, students, academics, visualisers, journalists and much more. Our films are shown at special screening events, biennales, and aired on Austrian Television. Our podcasts can be found on all major providers.

The Mies. TV Network operates in six langauges across seven countries - an example of what the first truly globalised generation can achieve as a team. Our unique content shows the architectural world from a global student perspective.



Each 30 minute episode contains three interview segments that capture a wide ranging display of the architectural world in the UK

PORT-RE - We visit architects in their offices and ask them about their views on design and their own individual journey through architecture. Rather than act as another showcase for the glossy images and visualisations, we seek architects to share their life stories and personal insights.

RE-PORT - We talk to those within the diverse world of architecture that fall outside the traditional role of the architect. We speak to people pushing the boundaries of architecture ranging from visualisers and photographers to writers, journalists and museum co-ordinators.

UNI - We bring it all back to present the developments from those within our architectural schools and beyond. Made by students, we aim to highlight the achievements of students and architecture faculties throughout the UK. In these contributions, we bring the colourful variety of university events to the public and the profession.


Sir Peter Cook [CRAB Studio]

Mies. Screening



We showcase each episode at screenings that bring together students, professionals and the public to discuss and share the experience.



In the course of our programming, we regularly come across ideas, people and projects that interest us - but do not fit into our classic episode format. If you have a subject that you are interested in covering with us, get involved and send us an email.